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Marubeni Logistics Corporation President& CEO Moritsugu Hosoda


This Company came into being as the Marubeni Logistics Corporation through the management integration in April 2015 of the former Marubeni Logistics Corporation (wholly owned subsidiary of Marubeni Corporation) whose core business was international logistics and the former Logipartners Inc. (wholly owned subsidiary of Marubeni Corporation) whose core business was domestic third-party logistics in Japan.

As the world economy has entered a tumultuous period in the wake of developments such as the growing diversification of customer needs and the intensification of competition due to globalization the environment surrounding enterprises is facing a period of great changes. Under these conditions the positive overseas outreach of the Japanese manufacturing and distribution industries has given rise to an increasingly heightened need for logistics with a higher value-added content which has not been confined to international transportation but has also created for cross-border logistics services including tripartite logistics, order placement and acceptance control, procurement control, and distribution processing.

Making use of its general solution function, including its network and its integration system of products and logistics services unique to a trading-corporation type logistics company with engineering functions, which have been developed by the former Marubeni Logistics Corporation and the former Logipartners Inc. in the businesses of international logistics and domestic third-party logistics respectively, this Company is intent on being an entity trusted by its customers as a management partner in the logistics service area by having established a supply chain that is optimum for its customers with a management viewpoint .

We look forward to being favored with your continuous custom and further patronage.