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Marubeni Logistics Corporation President& CEO Tsuyoshi kurihara

In April 2015, the MARUBENI LOGISTICS CORPORATION was established through the merger of Logipartners Inc.(Marubeni’s 100% subsidiary) engaged in domestic 3PL, and the former Marubeni Logistics Corporation (Marubeni’s 100% subsidiary) dealing with international logistics.

It is said that there are volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity in today’s world. There are a lot of issues for global business and domestic logistics, and issues for supply chain and logistics in companies become increasingly worse.

In this situation, in order to solve our customer’s various needs for supply chains, MLOGI provides solution service to our customers through a management perspective as a supply chain solution company.
Our solution service is beyond conventional logistics business and based on multiplication with ability of planning and design, operating and technic, and Marubeni corporate strength of global network, function of commercial distribution and financial, and digital technology.