As the Supply Chain Solution Company,
we provide services that contributes to the society.

President & CEO
Yoichiro Goto

The logistics industry has entered a period of change in recent years due to labor shortages, rising fuel costs, overtime regulations for drivers (so-called 2024 issue in Japan), and the need for greenhouse gas (GHG) mitigation. These factors have forced the industry to reevaluate its business practices and operations, and to reform its workstyle. Furthermore, drastic changes of the world situation and shifts of product demand are also requiring product manufacturers to reconfigure their global supply chains.

Under such circumstances, we contribute to the society by providing the supply chain solution services based on our “planning and design capabilities,” “operational capabilities,” and “technological capabilities” in the logistics field along with “Marubeni capabilities” such as global network, trading functions, financial functions, digital technologies (DX), and green transformation technologies (GX).