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Our Service

Domestic Logistics Service

  • Logistics Consulting
    Based on experience, know-how, network, and information we provide integral logistics solutions from the planning of the logistics centers (new installation/ relocation) through service design (warehouse/ management in warehouse) to the commissioning of operations management.
  • Joint Logistics
    Making use of our 3PL coordinator function we advance the sharing of logistics. We devise optimum logistics to the customer with the advantage of reducing the risks in terms of information control arising when sharing is used among customers.
  • Logistics Center Management
    Through the rigorous control of productivity and quality we can offer a competitive service that maintains high quality and manages the logistics center in a manner aligned with logistics and work fluctuations.
  • Document Storage Service
    We offer high-quality storage services in special fully secured warehouses. Functions such as new storage requests through the WEB system, instructions for forwarding documents for perusal, contents search of document box are available.

Global Logistics Service

  • Ocean Freight・International
    Multimodal Transportation Service
    As customer needs in terms of “importance attached to delivery term,” “cost saving,” and “want to commission one company only” we propose the optimum transportation mode for the customer, coordinate services, and deliver the precious goods to the specified location without fail.
  • Courier and Airfreight
    We coordinate transportation service for you by selecting the optimal route at that time and reasonable price utilizing our world-wide information network. Our experienced staffs meet your needs such as documentation work and import/export formalities.
  • Project Transportation
    For transportation related to projects such as the transportation of infrastructural facilities and industrial plant such as power stations and chemical plants we offer optimally suited and safe transportation services by conducting thorough preliminary investigations on harbors and roads.
  • Vessel Chartering Service
    The vessel chartering services of Marubeni Logistics offer the reliable transportation of cargo in bulk at competitive rates after predicting market trends based on copious experience in addition to a copious amount of information from the worldwide network and statistical data, and deciding on the complicated ship chartering conditions.
  • Customs Brokerage Service
    As an adviser of our customer, making use of our expertise for the customs and advising accurately, we smoothly clear the customs.

Information System Solution

  • Information System Solution
    Our providing warehouse and distribution control services is a matter of course, and more than this we offer system solutions that make the process from logistics to order placement/receipt more efficient in terms of purchase control and trade control. We also have an original control system available.