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Logistics Consulting

We will devise a logistics service which optimally matches the customer's logistics strategy.

Logistics Consulting

Marubeni Logistics will devise an optimum logistics service that matches the customer’s logistics strategy after logical analysis based on the know-how and resources it possesses, diverse data of actual results and documentary materials, on-site inspection, and hearings.
The design of a logistics center, in particular, is performed by carrying out operation simulation by reproducing the new or existing logistics center in the virtual 3D space based on the warehouse specifications and the customer’s logistics characteristics (quantitative and qualitative). We will evaluate bottlenecks and areas of improvement at the time of center operation and propose a design and an operation plan for a logistics center that will be superior in terms of work efficiency and investment efficiency.

Basic Flow of Our 3PL Services

Simple diagnosis Clarification of purpose Simple diagnosis Report on diagnosis

Confirmation of customer needs

Analysis of present situation through hearings and on-site inspections

Based on diagnosis, submission of draft proposal including problem points and direction of improvement

Detailed proposal Surveys & analyses Planning & design Final proposal

Procurement and organization of detailed information as necessary/ Analysis of information/ Detailed on-site surveys/ Extraction of results

Layout design / Design of business operations / Design of distribution / Design of information systems

Detailed proposal, including unit price of consignment and improvement effect

Basic agreement

Customer’s wishing to use our services are requested to conclude a basic agreement beforehand.

Innovation /Improvement Project Asset management Start of project Construction Operation Monitoring &improvements Outsourcing

Start of Logistics Improvement Project together with client

Construction of operations/ Construction of systems/ Transfer of assets/ Preparations for operation

Operation of logistics center and distribution

KPI setup & analyses of numeric values/ Proposals for business improvements/ Periodical reports