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Ocean Freight・International Multimodal Transportation Service

We offer multi-mode transportation services each of which has been designed specifically for our customers.

Service Scope

1Optimum Prices 2A Great Multitude of Channels 3Copious Results 4Total Solutions Forwarding Service

1.Stable Prices!High reliability as can be expected from the Marubeni Group
It goes without saying that Marubeni Logistics as the handler of large quantities of cargo in China and in the ASEAN, North American and European regions can offer optimum, stable prices as the result of transport rates being fixed through contracts with shipping companies.

2.A Menu with a Plentiful Variety!As we, Marubeni Logistics, have channels with all kinds of shipping companies throughout the world we are able to accommodate the transportation of the most varied range of cargo.
Apart from container transportation, including FCL and LCL cargo as the most obvious services, we also offer services suited to customer needs including the transportation of break bulk cargo by conventional maritime shipping and the transportation of construction equipment by Roll on /Roll off ships.

3.Feel Safe (and Exclusive) Support!Marubeni Logistics with its proud record of copious results has on its staff specialized in international logistics with abundant experience and extensive knowledge.
As all matters (quotation→booking→documentation→payment procedures) are handled and are taken charge of by staff exclusively assigned to the tasks our customers can rely on our unfailing support.

4.Total Solutions!With the full backing of our experience and accumulated know-how in handling the most diverse and varied commodities that is the unique strength of a trading corporation group such as ours we can offer optimum solutions after total analysis of the customer’s needs.

Basic Flow of our Transportation Services

Consultations with clients Coordination of transportation means Export procedures Transport Door-to-door delivery Local transportation Local import procedures

Records of Successful Transportation Service

Before Our proposal Submission

For Company A which exports production parts the reliable supply of its parts to its overseas factories was critical and production cost economizing had became an important issue. Since Company A had signed a contract directly with shipping company B Company A had to resort to using a shipping company with which it had not signed a contract when the ship of company B had no vacant hull space, and this had given rise to the problems of “transportation costs are getting too high” and “deliveries to overseas factories are delayed.”

Company A Direct contact Shipping Company B Shipping Company C Shortage of Hull Space Rising Costs Departure Arrival Overseas Factories
After Our Proposal Submission

AfterOur Proposal Submission

By having the Company avail itself of our variegated services it became possible for the company to secure hull space at stable cost and also to effect deliveries to overseas factories according to schedule.
Shortening of lead time was also realized by giving the customer a choice of the service best suited for the occasion.
It was also possible to lighten the work load by letting us handle the peripheral work associated with shipment

Company A Marubeni Logistics Shipping Company A Shipping Company B Shipping Company C Departure Arrival Overseas Factories Assured Space and Stable Prices

Enquiries Frequently Made

  • Want to review the present logistics system and cost
  • Want us to examine the transportation method that has been refused by another company
  • Would like to export to a country we have as yet not done business with but we do not know what
    the local customs clearance situation is
  • Would like to shorten our lead time
  • Since the volume of business with overseas countries (mainly China and ASEAN countries) has
    increased in recent years we want to examine some more efficient way of transportation
  • Would like to outsource logistics-related administration work, including the preparation of documents
  • Would like to effect a modal shift more sparing on the environment