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Overseas Logistics Business

Offering total business support to customers with our system that has a full lineup of all transportation modes

Overseas 3PL Business

  • In addition to our proud record of operating logistics centers in China and in Thailand we are rolling out our 3PL business to overseas by utilizing our 3PL experience and know-how accumulated in Japan. We can subcontract the full range of services from sea/air transportation through customs clearance to inland distribution.
  • Particularly in China, We can provide a wide range of services with two companies at the core, namely Beijing Wai-Hong International Logistics Co., Ltd., in which Marubeni holds a 90% share, and Shanghai Jiaoyun Rihong International Logistics Co., Ltd., a joint venture with Jiao Yun Group, the largest logistics and transport group in East China region.
  • Beijing Wai-Hong offers high-quality 3PL services at low cost with Japanese management methods. Shanghai Jiaoyun Rihong owns 3,000 trucks and approx. 100,000 m2 of warehouse space, enabling us to provide not only logistics infrastructures, but also various contracting services in a wide range of business domain.
Number of delivery locations Northeast District (Heilungjiang, Jilin, Liaoning)295 North China District (Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia) 659 East China District (Shanghai, Fujian, Shangdong)158 Central China District (Henan, Hubei, etc.)45 Southwest District (Sichuan, Yunnan, etc.) 8 Northwest District (Shaanxi, Gansu, Qinghai, Ningxia, Xinjiang)118 Total 1,283 Route to distant locations Own routes Truckage Airfreight Rail
Logo Company Name Business Lines Locations
BWH LOGISTICS Beijing Wai-Hong
International Logistics
Warehousing/Domestic distribution/
Distribution processing
交运日红 Shanghai Jiaoyun
Rihong International
Logistics Co.,Ltd
General cargo transportation/Small-lot
cargo transportation/Dangerous goods
transportation/Large-scale goods
transport/Cold chain logistics/Warehousing/
International forwarding
Logistics network covering
all regions of China

Model Case of Overseas 3PL Business

Model Case of Overseas 3PL Business

Transportation Services for China and ASEAN

For trade with China continuing its expansion as the ”world’s factory” and as a “large consumer market” and also with the ASEAN countries that have been rapidly developing in recent years Marubeni Logistics is supporting the business operations of customers with solutions only it can provide.
Subsidiaries were established in Thailand in 1988 and in Shanghai in 1993. Based on the international forwarding know-how accumulated hitherto we have been and are providing services to customers.

  • Reliable Maritime TransportationWe handle various types of maritime transportation including heavy cargo transportation such as machinery and equipment, transportation of vehicles such as trucks and construction machinery, and transportation on barges, let alone container transportation.
    Based on the copious experience the Marubeni Group has accumulated in the transportation area we are able to undertake highly reliable transportation.
  • Now-worry and Speedy Courier and
    Airfreight Transportation
    With our solid global network that only a logistics company belonging to a trading corporation group we transport quickly and surely our customers’ cargoes.
    From small-lot to heavy cargo, we support all cargo from a single service desk.
  • No-worry Surface TransportationWe have accumulated a considerable store of experience and know-how also in surface transportation.
    We have put in place a system that gives our customers ease of mind in the area of surface transportation across national borders.
  • Overseas Customs Clearance
    Procedures, an Area in which We Boast
    a Vast Record of Performance
    In addition to the various forms of transportation we also make use of our performance-backed customs clearance know-how to support our customer.
    (China: General clearance ~logistics zone / Thailand: General clearance ~BOI clearance)