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Terms for Service

This website is managed and operated by MARUBENI LOGISTICS CORPORATION (hereinafter referred to as “this company”).Prior to use you are requested to read carefully the following “Conditions of use” and consent to the contents thereof. By the mere fact of your having used this website you will be considered as having agreed to all “Conditions of use” below. If you cannot agree please refrain from use. We request your prior understanding that all texts, illustrations, figures, diagrams, and photographs (hereinafter referred to as “contents”)and URL shall be subject to change or discontinuation without prior notice.

Conditions of Use

We prohibit all actions causing damage or disadvantage to third parties or to this company, or all actions causing detriment to the reputation or honor of third parties or of this company and this shall include also all actions suspected to be of this nature.
All copyrights related to this website and the contents thereof revert to this company.
However, the copyrights of some of the contents are in the possession of third parties.
Except for private use by individual persons and other use acknowledged by the copyright law, any act such as the copying,transmission, distribution, modification, and/or translation of this website and the contents thereof without the authors’ approval shall constitute an infringement of the copyright law.
3.Trademark Rights
The trademark 「MARUBENI LOGISTICS CORPORATION」 「Marubeni Logistics」「MLOGI」used in this website is the trademark of this company and shall not be used without the approval and permission of this company.
(1) In some cases links are provided from this website to the websites of third parties and in other cases there are links established from websites of third parties to this website. In either case the third parties should accept responsibility for the management and operation of the contents of the websites of the third parties and this company shall not be held liable for any inconvenience or damage whatsoever arising from the use thereof.
(2) In the event that you desire to have a link to this website you are requested to obtain the prior approval from this company thereto.
(1) While in the publication of the contents of this website every caution and care has been scrupulously taken this company will not give any guarantee as to whether the contents thereof are correct, whether they are the latest information, and/or whether they are safe and shall not be held liable with regard thereto.
(2) Even in the unlikely event that any inconvenience or damage should arise to users as a result of the use of this website or the contents thereof this company shall not be held liable under whatsoever circumstances.
6.Applicable Law and Court of Jursidiction
With regard to the use of this website and the interpretation of the contents thereof Japanese Law shall be applicable.
Furthermore, in the event of any disputes arising in connection with this website the Tokyo District Court in Japan shall be the court having jurisdiction in the first instance.